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One Year Later: Carson Holmquist's son inspired mural

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It's a picture that inspired a Chattanooga artist to make the Fallen Five a permanent part of the scenic city with a larger than life mural.

Mural artist Kevin Bate said "You know the whole reason I started this was for Carson Holmquist's son Wyatt. I had seen a picture of him holding up that sign that said 'We've waited 244 days for this.'
"That one sign just destroyed me, it was so sad for me. I've got a son about Wyatt Holmquist's age."

When Sgt. Carson Holmquist returned home after his last deployment it had been 244 days since he'd seen his wife Jasmine and son, Wyatt.

It was during that same trip home when he learned he and Jasmine were expecting a daughter. 
Jasmine said "He was back for two weeks and that's when I told him, thank goodness."

Since the July 16th attacks, Jasmine Holmquist has given birth to the little girl that her husband will never meet.

Now she thinks about what she'll tell her daughter about her dad.

Holmquist was born in Wisconsin, worked on a farm growing up and joined the Marine Corps in 2009.

He served in Japan and in Afghanistan as a diesel mechanic specialist before coming to Chattanooga.

Holmquist was recognized with multiple awards and medals in his life, and in his death -- a Purple Heart and the Fallen Heroes Medal. 

The Holmquist family's sacrifice is one Kevin Bate wants Chattanooga to remember and he hopes young Wyatt will always feel at home in the town his dad died protecting. 

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