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Public events for July 16 

Lorri Wyatt, the widow of U.S.M.C. Staff Sgt. David Wyatt, takes some comfort in continuing her husband's work with the Marines Toys for Tots campaign.

In May, she co-wrote “Chattanooga Rain” with some of Nashville’s top musicians as part of Operation Song. The project helps military families and veterans express their feelings through original songs. Her song was also a way to thank the Chattanooga area community for its outpouring of love and support. 

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"As a mother, all you want to do is protect him, I couldn't that day, I couldn't protect him," Cathy Well said. when she spoke with Channel 3 about her son, U.S.M.C. Lance Corporal Skip Wells.

"Chattanooga has been the best city. I mean they have supported all of us so much and so well," said Cathy.

While Cathy is grateful for the support given to her by so many people in Chattanooga and beyond, she realizes her own healing has not yet begun.

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U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Randall Smith was a young family man who stepped up to serve our country and left a mark on the Chattanooga community.

Randall's number one priority was his wife and three beautiful little girls who received a Purple Heart in their father's honor. Randall also had dreams beyond the Navy, as he was working on his degree in hospital administration. 

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Mural artist Kevin Bate said "You know the whole reason I started this was for Carson Holmquist's son Wyatt. I had seen a picture of him holding up that sign that said 'We've waited 244 days for this.'
"That one sign just destroyed me, it was so sad for me. I've got a son about Wyatt Holmquist's age."

Bate wants Chattanooga to remember the Fallen Five and he hopes young Wyatt will always feel at home in the town his dad died protecting. 

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Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Sullivan was a marine, a son, a brother, and a friend. He was 40-years-old when he made the ultimate sacrifice on July 16th of 2015. 

Sullivan helped more than a dozen of his fellow servicemen escape when a gunman opened fire at the Naval Reserve Center on Amnicola Highway. He turned back for two others who were unaccounted for when he was shot and killed.

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As Commanding Officer of the Navy Operational Support Center on Amnicola Highway and the servicemen inside, LCmdr Tim White said he had a responsibility on July 16th. His priority was to keep his Navy Sailors and Marines safe.

For the first time, LCmdr White is sharing details with Channel 3 about what happened inside the gates moments after the shooter broke in, and why he stands by his choice to fire back at the gunman.

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Chattanooga police officer Dennis Pedigo suffered a gunshot wound to his leg July 16th during a gun battle with the shooter. 

In an exclusive interview, Officer Pedigo says the scars remind him of our Fallen Five servicemen and their ultimate sacrifice. He's thankful for all of the community's support this past year. 

Pedigo was working traffic detail that day when the call came out over the radio. From traffic to terrorism on Chattanooga soil, it's a reality he and his family have been working through together. 

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