The Loftis Middle School Tower of Power team members’ dedication and hard work has paid off.  Students worked countless hours together practicing, redesigning, and practicing more to reach their goal at the National Beta Club convention in New Orleans.  They account for every second used, make adjustments to improve time to meet the 15 minute time limit. They won state and national championships with a record tower height of 16.5 feet.

Tower of Power is a Beta Club competition that requires strong communication skills, collaboration, team strategy/problem solving skills and strong motivation to improve productivity.

Here are the rules: 

Teams of five participating members are given a bag containing 250 straws, 1 roll of standard masking tape (1 inch for state, 0.7 inch for nationals), 1 tennis ball at the beginning of the competition.  The only tools allowed are a pair of scissors and a ladder, which teams must provide.

Teams have 15 minutes to construct a tower using straws and tape.  At the end of 15 minutes, the tower must be free-standing with the tennis ball in place on the top. 

The tower must hold the tennis ball for a minimum of 1 minute. 

The tallest tower that holds the tennis ball wins.

The team had placed first at the state competition with a tower that was over 14 feet tall.  They knew competition would be strong at the national level, so they redesigned the tower to be even higher, again, having to make adjustments to account for every second used.  Practicing almost every day, even some on the weekends, and going through aver 50,000 straws, their efforts paid off.   Team members include Jackson Key, John Key, Lake Patterson, Sanoe Patterson, Austin Rawlins,  and Dillon Yother, alternate and time coach.