Pokemon Go is leading people on adventures but it's also getting some of them into trouble.

Now police departments are telling players to be careful where the game takes them and some places are off limits.

Pokemon Go has only been around for about a week and it's already claimed the record of the largest mobile game in U.S. history with more than 21 million users a day.
With all of those people outside on their phones, businesses, police departments and even doctors are all taking notice.

"It's so easy to pick who's doing it, but when you look at it they kind of act like they're not doing it because it's still not super cool yet," said Pokemon Go player Stephanie Johnson.

The new game has gained record-setting popularity across the nation, including in Chattanooga.

Users have to find and catch virtual creatures all over the city.

The Tennessee Aquarium sent Channel 3 a few photos of Pokemon inside the exhibits.

"I think it's kind of fun that you have kind of these grab-like creatures that are Pokemon that are showing up near our giant spider crabs for example and other places in the aquarium building," said Senior Marketing and Communications Manager Thom Benson.

Along with the all fun, the game has been causing some issues.
Local police departments are warning users not to trespass on private property, do not play the game while driving and to use common safety sense to avoid injury or an accident.

Local health experts said they've seen more good than bad.

"Go out and search for these Pokemon, and they're walking long distances and don't even realize they're doing or thinking about it because they're so preoccupied with the game," said Kevin Lusk of the Chattanooga & Hamilton County Medical Society.

Part of the game forces users to walk around to make progress.

"If someone's walking five kilometers to reach a goal then they've already walked easily around 7,000 steps," Lusk said.

The Pokemon comeback could be what millions of Americans needed to get in a little extra exercise.

"I think it's funny, I think it's great that it's getting people to get outside, I mean people are going to play on their phones regardless no matter what," Johnson said. "I anticipate this weekend I'll probably be back out walking around."

The areas outside the Tennessee Aquarium are all public parks so gamers don't have to worry about trespassing to play, but in order to go inside to catch a creature, you do have to buy a ticket.