Several calls to Signal Mountain police concerning strange actions by raccoons has prompted a response from the Police Chief.

Chief Mike Williams said residents have called about raccoons acting strangely or aggressively.

Due to mounting concern from citizens, the Chief said he started looking into the situation and made some phone calls.

"I contacted the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency in Nashville who referred me to the Hamilton County Health Department whom I spoke to today," Chief Williams said on the department's Facebook page. "They advised it was PROBABLY Distemper or Parvo and is most likely NOT rabies."

Chief Williams urged residents to make sure their pets are vaccinated and not to leave food of any kind outside of their homes.

Most importantly, Williams said, do not try dealing with a raccoon on your own.

"Unfortunately, the only thing we can do under these circumstances is to dispatch the sick animal as neither TWRA or the Health Department will respond," Williams said. "Please feel free to contact us with questions or call the Hamilton County Health Department Environmental section."

The Chief added," After speaking with the Health Department this afternoon we do plan on taking the next animal we have to deal with to the Humane Society for testing."

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