After recent violence around the country, peaceful protesters have been gathering across the city of Chattanooga. One group took to the streets of Brainerd on Monday night, protesting amid rush hour traffic.

The group held signs that said "All Lives Matter", including black lives. They hope to unite people with their message.

Protesters were shouting to "stop the violence."

Courtney Torrence wants a better future for her daughter. One that's less violent and more equal.

"I think all lives matter, not just black lives," said Torrence, who is black. "I wish we could unify in this movement."

That's why she was out on Brainerd Road, holding signs during rush hour traffic and making sure her voice was heard.

"People just want us to roll over and be quiet about it," Torrence said.

"Black lives matter, too!" she shouted as people drove by.

The small protest is the third recent protest in town.

On Sunday night, hundreds of people took to the streets of Chattanooga, marching to send a message.

"The racism; it's unacceptable," said protester Megan Watson.

Watson, who is white, made a sign that read, "Black Lives Matter" to show support to the local black community.

"I have to do something," said Watson. "This isn't much, but I feel terrible just to sit at home and watch these terrible things happen to people."

"The last straw for me has been seeing such hate-filled messages on the news and seeing such hurt and pain in people's hearts," said Brittany Birt, who helped organize the protest.  

"People just need to work together," said 11-year-old Ikeyah Charles, who was holding signs with her younger siblings.

"Please stop killing black people, white people, all kinds of people," Charles said.

Other peaceful protests are being planned outside of Chattanooga. In Bradley County, a 24-hour prayer vigil for the slain officers in Dallas will begin at the courthouse, with a Unity Walk starting at 3 p.m.