In the wake of the Dallas Police Officer ambush and the police shooting of two men earlier last week, religious leaders in the Chattanooga area are counting on faith and prayer. 

The shooting in Dallas continues to touch members of our community. Olivet Baptist Church organized a vigil to honor those fallen and to support our local law enforcement. 

Community leaders bowed their heads and prayed over our community and the nation. “I think it is beautiful to see people come together from everywhere to pray together, believe in God to stop the senseless killing and murdering we see plaguing our nation and city right now,” said Pastor Kevin Adams with Olivet Baptist Church.

The prayer vigil at Olivet Baptist Church was about solidarity, proving Chattanooga could come together regardless of race, status, or belief. “Loving our neighbors as we love ourselves. Forgiving, reconciliation, loving one another, tearing down these walls of racism.”

The hope is ending all forms of hate. “Very emotional, very touching. It was very helpful,” said Tina White.

Church leaders invited two Chattanooga police officers to attend the service, answering tough questions. “I make myself accessible to educate. I learn something to. How can I make myself better, how can you be better to your community?” said Office Desmond Logan with Chattanooga Police Department.

“We are all on the same team. We all want the same thing. We want to be safe; we want to be free, out of jail, and alive. Opening lines of communication is the first step,” said Sergeant Josh May with the Chattanooga Police Department.  

It is an important conversation to build a community of peace instead of violence. “Life is life; we are all someone's sons. We are all someone's father. We are all someone's uncle,” said Officer Logan.

“All in this together. We are one big community, all in this together. We parish today, we succeed together,” said Sergeant May.