Protests have been taking place across the country in response to the shooting in Minnesota, Louisiana, and Dallas. In Chattanooga, people gathered on Brainerd Road at the corner of Moore Road.

They say they're not just protesting the recent shootings, but what they call the injustice that's occurred over the past years. 

"I just feel like people can't deny that it's going on if everybody is forcing them to see that it's a problem. You can't really turn your cheek when so many people are saying the same thing. It can't be ignored, you know, when we're out here on Brainerd Road with our signs," said Tanisha Simpson from Chattanooga

"We have so many unsolved murders that's happened in the minority community that has been solved and we're still asking questions about them. That's one problem that hasn't been solved," Shaun Stewart from Chattanooga

A prayer vigil will be held Sunday at Olivet Baptist Church for the recent acts of violence.