After such a dominant regular season, there was no doubt the Chattanooga Football Club would leave it all on the field the first weekend of playoffs. Over four-thousand fans watched Saturday night as the CFC took down Memphis City 2-1, winning the 2016 NPSL Southeast Conference Championship. 

CFC's first goal didn't come until middle of the first half when John Carrier was able to break away from the pack, passing it ahead to Luke Winter who blasted one right by the Memphis keeper for a 1-0 lead. 

It wasn't until the 70th minute mark that the Memphis City FC took advantage of crucial moment. Gregory Hartley came out of the box long enough for Memphis to knock one in the empty net and tie it up 1-1.

With less than three minutes left in regulation, Chattanooga was able to convert a last minute goal as Samuel Goni used his head at the right place and the right time to knock one in. 

CFC will now host regional play as they continue through the NPSL playoffs.