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UPDATE: City councilman to announce plans to repair & pave Northpoint Blvd.

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Northpoint Blvd. as seen from Sky 3 Northpoint Blvd. as seen from Sky 3

UPDATE: A Chattanooga city councilman will hold a press conference Thursday to announce plans to improve Northpoint Boulevard in Hixson, a long-standing problem for drivers.

District 3 Councilman Ken Smith will outline plans to pave and repair the roadway, which is private and publicly-owned.

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The press conference will be held at FirstBank on Northpoint Boulevard at 11:00 a.m.

Here is Councilman Smith's announcement on the press conference:

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PREVIOUS STORY: Potholes that fill a private section of Northpoint Boulevard continue to cause debate over who will pay to fix the uneven road.

The heavily traveled road in Hixson is owned by both the city and private property owners in the area.

City department of transportation workers spent Friday installing large signs on Northpoint Boulevard letting drivers know who is responsible for this pothole riddled road that continues to flatten tires and damage cars.

The city owns 2/3 of Northpoint Boulevard.

According to a 1988 road contribution agreement, the rest is owned by 11 private property owners who are legally responsible for maintaining it.

  • LBC Associates
  • Larry E. Dobbins
  • Home Away Extended Stay LLC
  • DL Developers LLC
  • First Bank
  • Buckeye Investments LLC
  • Regions Bank
  • Suntrust Bank
  • Richard L. Kinzalow
  • Danny Edwin
  • Case & Lisa Rae Laplante
  • David H. Guan

In an effort to fix the road, City Councilman of District 3 Ken Smith called meetings with the owners to propose splitting the cost of bringing the infrastructure of the road up to code.

"Based on the amount of land you own, pro-rate a share of the value of the road and what it would take to repair this is what your cost would be to take care of the road and here's what the city is willing to do,” Smith said.

But only one business has agreed to pay their share. It would cost the 11 businesses about $220,000.

Channel 3 reached out to all 11 owners and the businesses who lease from them.

Michael Petty and others call the proposal unfair because they don't believe the dollar amount correlates to the amount of traffic on Northpoint Boulevard.

Petty says moving might be a better option.

"It's getting to the point where if given the choice they would rather go to our Lee Highway store instead of our Hixson store because the road conditions and the damage to their cars,” Petty explained.

Councilman Smith is still hopeful the property owners will agree to a compromise to keep businesses open and drivers safe. No additional public meeting has been set.

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