Smartphones can do much more than make calls, deliver e­mails and texts and take photographs. There are many ‘hidden’ features of phones most people do not know exists.

I’ve used all of these tips and tricks and I believe you’ll find them helpful as well.  

Here are 4 things we bet you didn’t know your smartphone can do:

  1. Use iPhone’s hidden level. No one carries a level around with them, at least we didn’t know we had a level with us at all times. Buried beneath Apple’s stock apps is a level feature that uses the phone’s accelerometer. To find it open up Apple’s compass app and swipe the screen right to left.
  2. If you make a mistake writing an e­mail and need to erase the last few words, don’t tap the backspace/erase key, shake the phone. A good shake will erase the last sentence you typed. Shake it again to re­do, or shake it multiple times to erase everything. It works very well in e­mail but not so great in texting.
  3. Do you need to charge your phone (any phone) quickly? Turn on the smartphone’s Airplane mode. This will keep the phone from searching for networks or accepting calls or texts. By sending it to Airplane mode the phone is only charging which makes the process go slightly faster. Especially useful when traveling.
  4. Siri isn’t great pronouncing proper names of friends but she can be taught. When she repeats a name incorrectly simply give her the right pronunciation by saying, “that’s not how you say it.” Siri will ask for the correct pronunciation and make the change from that point forward. 

We don’t call them smartphones for nothing. Take advantage of some of these features to take advantage of what they can do.