As temperatures continue to rise, so do the "tempers" at the Rossville apartments.

Residents are living in what they call - “unbearable conditions." The air conditioning has been out for several months now at the Rossville apartments and the tenants are calling for action.

"The best way I can explain it is, it's just like you're walking through fire, man," described David Loveless, he’s lives in the apartments that provide housing for low-income and Section 8 residents.

Loveless said he has made multiple requests over the last six months for the on-site management to fix the AC in his building, but nothing has been done.

“It's the same answer every time - they are waiting for finances and I don't see how that's possible,” Loveless said.

Residents say the conditions are not acceptable and that they are being treated unfairly.

"We put our pant legs on one at a time like everyone else does; we shouldn't be treated any differently,” Loveless said.

Channel 3 paid a visit to the property manager's office for comment but got no answers.

We also contacted the Athens Housing Authority over the phone. They oversee government housing in the region including the Rossville apartments. The manager declined to comment on the conditions and directed us to their public relations office in Atlanta. Our calls to that office have not been returned.

It’s the same response Debbie Flippo said she has received for years. She suffers from several health problems and finds any means to stay cool.

Flippo said more than half the residents at the complex do not have working AC. She says they don't want any handouts, just some relief from the heat. She recalls one day she experienced without AC.

"It was so hot it was over 100 something degrees. I almost died, three more minutes I would've been calling the ambulance,” Flippo said.

According to the Georgia department of community affairs' website, landlords are not required to provide air conditioning, but if they do they must keep them in good repair.

A petition is circulating at the Rossville Apartments; several residents have already signed it. In the meantime, they'll have to find other ways to stay cool.

Count on channel 3 to continue pushing for answers on this story.