Online shoppers are beginning to discover a web based desktop only app called Honey.

It works in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera browsers after a quick installation from those browser's app or extension add­ons. It works in the background to search for discount codes while you shop.

Discount codes are a great way to save money but they are difficult to find. Codes are scattered across the internet, some work but others have expired. It can take an hour to find a working code for the store or item you're about to purchase, but Honey does that work for you.

As you shop the Honey app displays the number of codes available for that item or store. After putting items in the shopping cart, the app scours the web searching for codes that work. After it finds codes it enters in each one automatically before applying the best one, in other words, the best working code that saves the most money. 

One example is when I was purchasing a new web domain from GoDaddy. The total amount for the .com was $12.17, Honey found 9 discount codes and applied one that discounted the purchase $11, so I only paid $1.17. 

Another code took off $8 from a $20 purchase. 

The Honey app also has a website, where shoppers can browse through discounts based on the type of items or store

There is no smartphone app for iPhones or Androids, Honey is strictly desktop web­based. 

Honey works with dozens of retailers, including Amazon. It says retailers are willing to work with Honey and apply the discounts because shoppers are more likely to purchase the item after it's in a shopping cart and a discount is applied. It keeps those shoppers from leaving the site to compare prices elsewhere. 

Honey does require a registration and collects some information from members such as their e­mail address but assures shoppers it will not share the information with third­ party companies.

The app is easy to install in each browser, we have a video to walk through the installation process step by step