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Local UT fan writes "Through Orange Colored Glasses"

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Often in sports, we hear about a game from the view of the player, the coach, or the analyst. Very rarely do we hear how the game went through the eyes of a fan. Bob Arnold has changed that for Tennessee fans. 

While it took over ten years to complete, the Dayton native finally released the book his friends, family, and community had long been waiting for, "Through Orange Colored Glasses." The book highlights great players and their great plays, coaches, and the experiences of fans before, during and after game day.

Arnold reflects on the excitement of the games, the memories of his family members, and how one family passes the love of the Vols from father and mother to son, from son to two daughters and on to the grandchildren. 

"I didn't get to go to my first game until I was nine years old" recalls Arnold. "It was against the University of Alabama, and my dad said son it doesn't get any better than Tennessee, Alabama."

But what makes his book unique is that it's all from the perspective of one Vol, not on the field, but instead, in the stands.

"Fans are what makes it fun and that's what it's all about. People going by my memories and bringing back some of their memories"

"Through Orange Colored Glasses" has already sold over 400 copies, but to Arnold, it's always been about trying to spread his Big Orange Passion, and share his life-long memories with everyone else.

"If I don't sell another book its all been worthwhile. What has meant more than anything is the comments and seeing the reaction of friends, family, and other folks around me. It meant something to them."

You can find a copy of "Through Orange Colored Glasses" at the Hamilton Place Mall, Northgate Mall, and the Dayton Drug and Wellness Pharmacy. The book is also available online at Amazon.com and through Arnold's website, http://utorangecoloredglasses.com/

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