UPDATE:  A very violent end to a holiday weekend as two people are dead and three others are hurt in shootings overnight. They are believed to be gang-related, according to police.  

Chattanooga police say shootings took place at two different locations, the first on Jarvis Avenue, the second on Woodmore Lane.

That's where police say Marcus Cal, 28, was killed. Cal was shot in the legs and lower abdomen, according to police. 

Police  say that witnesses reported that two vehicles approached the group of people and the occupants of both vehicles proceeded to shoot numerous rounds into the group.

Tony Jackson Jr., 25, was shot in the arm and leg. Ivan Hill Jr, also 25, was shot in the upper thigh. Both were transported by personal vehicle to a local hospital.

Then, a short time later another shooting broke out, this time on Woodmore Lane. That's where police say Alex Freeman, 28, was killed.

Witnesses told police they initially thought fireworks were still being shot off, but began to run away from the area when they realized it was gunfire. Witnesses reported multiple rounds came from the passenger side of a black four door Sedan traveling south on Woodmore Lane.

Witnesses could not provide an accurate description of the suspect(s) involved. 

Three other people walked into three area hospitals after being shot. Police say they arrived by their own vehicles. Police are trying to figure out who was shot at which location.

Chief Fred Fletcher does believe these shootings are connected and says they are gang related.

"Whether we hold you accountable for your activity tonight or other criminal activity you're involved in, we're going to find you and put you in jail. Your friends are going to tell on you, the neighborhood is going to tell on you and we've got evidence," Fletcher said.

If you have any information regarding either of these shootings, call Chattanooga police at (423) 698-2525.

PREVIOUS STORY: Officers confirm two people are dead and three are recovering in area hospitals.

Chattanooga Police are reporting that multiple people have arrived at local hospitals after suffering gunshot wounds. 

Officials say the victims were transported by personal vehicles.

Police say currently there are five individuals being shot and treated. The location of the shooting or shootings is still being investigated.

If you have any information that may assist this investigation, call Chattanooga Police at 423-698-2525