A local fireworks store was inspired by a teen's fight against cancer, so they made sure this 4th of July would be one she'd always remember.

When Phantom Fireworks in East Ridge heard about 19-year-old Megan Wolfe's story, the store gave the teen $600 in free fireworks.

Wolfe said she was hoping spend her 4th shooting off a few small fireworks with her family. But instead, she saw one of the best shows in the neighborhood, thanks to total strangers' random acts of kindness.

Megan Wolfe couldn't think of a better way to spend the 4th of July.

The 19-year-old, who is fighting cancer, said she just wanted to spend her holiday doing something "normal."

But one fireworks store wanted to make sure this year would be one for the books.

"He was like, we're just giving it to you, it's for free," Megan said.

When Megan and her mom went to Phantom Fireworks on Ringgold Road, one of the workers wanted to know her story.

The teen told him she's fighting Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

"He said just give me a second, and he went back and came in with all these huge boxes of fireworks, was just piling them into the buggy," she explained.

Megan was shocked when she left the store with $600 worth of free fireworks, from total strangers who were inspired by her story.

"When you can see that people are being kind to you, and they're willing to just be so generous, it's a real boost," she said.

Megan's fight isn't over. She finished her final round of chemo last month, and is getting ready for radiation.

"You're weak, and sometimes you can feel a little worthless," she said.

But a night like this helps her forget about her struggles.

"It just showed me that there's still love and kindness in the world," she said. "Even though it doesn't seem like that all the time, there's still kindness out there. And it really touches my heart."

Megan and her family want to give another big "thank you" to Phantom Fireworks in East Ridge.

She said it was the perfect way to spend the holiday before she starts her first radiation treatment on the 5th.