UPDATE: Some of the damage from Saturday when a car crashed into a Chattanooga home is still there. A memorial has also been set up to remember the driver, 22-year-old Chadrick Sparks.

There are candles, crosses, flowers, and American flags sitting near the East 14th Street home. Police said Chadrick Sparks was speeding on Saturday when he lost control of the car causing it to roll several times and eventually crashing into the home.

His mother, Deborah Davis, remembers getting a call from family members about what happened.

"I just want to tell all young and old people, slow down because you don't know who you're going to leave behind. I'm going to miss my baby," Deborah Davis, Sparks' mother said.

Davis has struggled with seeing the crash site for herself. She wants people to remember her son, Chad, for being kind and friendly.

"He got in a little trouble. He had turned his life around. He was on his way back. Just one wrong decision, which was to drive because he didn't have no license," Davis said.

Davis said she isn't sure where her son was heading or whose car he was driving. He died at the scene and police said he wasn't wearing a seatbelt.

To remember him, other family members set up a memorial. Since Saturday, it's been growing.

"We hurting right now. We need some prayers. I hope everyone prays for us. We sad right now. It took a whole toll on us," Bronesha Tarpkin, a cousin said.

Family members told Channel 3 they're thankful no one else was hurt including the homeowner who was inside at the time.

"As we're seeing now, especially me, that's a deadly weapon. It didn't kill no one but one person, but that one person was part of my world," Davis said.

Right now, family members are working on funeral arrangements for Chad. They hope to have them finalized soon.

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