Wine sales in grocery stores may be the most popular and talked about new law in Tennessee, but it isn't the only one.

Some of the new laws that go into effect July 1 for both Tennessee and Georgia:


  • Staff on college campuses with valid concealed handgun carry permits will now be allowed to bring their weapons on campus.
  • Each campus will have its own policy for how that will be handled.
  • At UTC, employees will need to register with the campus and take a safety course.
  • Drivers in the left lane could face a penalty if they spend too much time there. The so-called "slow poke" law bans drivers from using the left lane for anything other than passing on an interstate or state highway with three or more lanes.
  • A violation could result in a 50 dollar fine.
  • Some penalties will be tougher for driving under the influence, giving judges the ability to order alcohol and GPS monitoring as part of probation.
  • Texting while driving will switch from a non-moving to a moving vehicle violation, which means a violator could lose points from their driver's license and be ordered to attend driving safety school.


  • Utility workers are now added to the state's "Move Over Law" which calls for drivers to move over a lane or slow down when approaching law enforcement or first responders on the side of the road.
  • Staff and students at least 18 years old will be allowed to carry stun guns on public college campuses.
  • High schools that receive state funding will not be allowed to take part in athletic associations that ban religious expression on student athletes' clothing.