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Brent Marsh released; victims' family say they forgive, but can't forget

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Lisa and Rusty Cash Lisa and Rusty Cash

After spending 12 years behind bars, Ray Brent Marsh was released Wednesday. As a condition of his probation he must write an apology to the community. Some say a letter isn’t necessary, they just want to know ‘why he committed this crime?’

Flipping through the pages of a scrapbook brings back memories that are still hard for Rusty and Lisa Cash to accept.

"Reality set in, why or how could this happen? It went from shock, anger, to why?” Rusty recalled.

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Six weeks after the couple laid Lisa’s mother to rest - Rusty received a phone call telling him her body was found in a barn.

"When I was on the phone I looked at the mantel and there she was, and so I said sure she is. So I thought it was just a prank call so I basically just hung up," Rusty said.

But it wasn't a prank, in 2002, 334 bodies were found scattered across at the Tri-State Crematory property in Noble, Georgia.

Ray Brent Marsh pleaded guilty to hundreds of felonies.

Some families were never able to identify their loved ones.

The Cashes say seeing this unfold was like watching their mother die all over again.

"After all these years, we still don’t know why? How could anyone toss their loved ones in the woods, barn casket, whatever and think it was okay?” Rusty said.

It’s a question that has haunted the couple for the last 12 years, while Marsh served a full sentence.

"You just wonder if he sat for those 12 years thinking about what he did to all these families not just us, I mean there were a lot of people," Lisa said.

During those 12 years, as a condition of his probation, Marsh wrote apology letters to the families of each victim.

Wednesday, Marsh was released. He’ll now have to write a letter of apology to the community.

The Cashes say they forgive, but they can't forget.

"I don’t care for an apology; he served his time I just want to know why did you do this?" Rusty said.

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