Facebook is alerting users that many of the photos they’ve uploaded to their account will be deleted July 7th.

The company is urging Facebook users to download its new “Moments” app to keep the photos. 

One of Facebook’s many features is to automatically upload all photos taken from a smartphone. These photos were uploaded for safekeeping but not shared unless specified by the user.

To see which photos you have stored but not safe, go to your photos tab in Facebook and choose synced photos. You will get a message urging you to download the Moments app and instructions how to save the photos from being deleted.

Users who have already downloaded the Moments app will receive a message that those photos are safe and have been moved into Moments. 

The Moments app is Facebook’s answer to Google Photos. It allows for storing photos and sharing moments from events with their friends. 

Have you ever been at an event and people are shouting “send me that picture” or keep having someone take the same shot with multiple smartphone cameras? Those are the annoyances Facebook is trying to eliminate with Moments.

With this app everyone at the event can share any photos they’ve taken with other people at the event. If it is a birthday party, Moments can determine which friends are there and automatically place their photos in a birthday party scrapbook. That scrapbook is shared with everyone in attendance. 

Moments also uses facial recognition to tag people in those photos. 

The deadline for installing Moments is July 7th after which date Facebook will delete any photos synced from a phone. 

Photos that are taken and posted to the user’s timeline is safe.

Another important deadline is for Windows pc users. Windows 10 was released one year ago and has been a free upgrade to anyone using Windows 7 or Windows 8. Microsoft’s free offer has an expiration date of July 29th, after which time the cost will be $119.00.

You can download Windows 10 by going to www.microsoft.com.