KFC is trying something that would certainly be a big hit with everyone who's craving food and a smartphone craving a charged battery.

In India the restaurant is introducing a meal­ deal box that comes with a portable charger built inside. Called the "Watt­A­Box" the meal comes with a choice of 5 items on the menu, a portable battery, and USB charging cord for Android devices and a lightning charger for iPhones. 

Don't get your hopes up for the deal in the United States, the promotion is part of a Facebook campaign and isn't being sold in restaurants. At least not yet. 

In Singapore police have begun warning pedestrians that walking and texting is a dangerous combination. The national police there is posting two signs in many towns that remind people that it is a problem that could result in injury or death. 

One sign shows an image of a pedestrian about to be hit by a car while the other is a reminder to be careful. 

In the United States there have been several failed attempts at making walking while texting a criminal offense. Most recently a New Jersey Assembly Woman proposed a bill that would fine someone $50 for being caught texting on the sidewalk. Multiple offenses could be punishable by 14 days in jail. 

Similar proposals have failed in New York and Arkansas.