With a unanimous 8-0 vote, the Hamilton County Commission approved Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger’s 679.6 million dollar budget.
The budget increased $14.2 million dollars from the previous year. Most of the increase (reportedly $12 million dollars) is for education, with 62% of Hamilton County’s total budget funding the $417.7 million dollar education system.
Health services accounted for $23.2 million dollars (11%) of the General Fund Budget.
The budget marked the sixth consecutive year that Mayor Coppinger presented a budget with no tax increase, according Coppinger's spokesman Mike Dunne.
"This is what we have delivered for the sixth year in a row, without a tax increase while maintaining our valued AAA bond rating from three top rating agencies. We have promised our residents good government and this budget is a reflection of that promise,” Coppinger said.
The budget also contains a slight increase of 0.6% percent for supported agencies such as the City-County Planning Agency, the Air Pollution Control Bureau, the Humane Educational Society, the Urban League and Erlanger Health System.