Tuesday was a special day in Knoxville, as the Pat Summitt Statue turned into the Pat Summitt memorial. Throughout the day fans showed up one by one dropping flowers, sharing memories, and sharing tears. 

"I was blessed to have a chance to see her quite often and recently just a few days ago" says Phil Fulmer, former UT head football coach. "What we're doing here today is celebrating, and that is how she would want to be remembered and then going forward and doing something about Alzheimer's."

"I paid my gratitude to Pat, and I got to tell her I love her" says former Lady Vol Cierra Burdick reflecting at the Summitt Statue. "After spending the past few days with my Lady Vol family, a sense of peace has come about and now it's about celebrating a great life and a great legacy."

Pat Summitt liked to say "It is what it is, but it will be what you make it." Pat Summitt made it easier for so many after her. She made it with character, made it with respect, made it with discipline, made it with love, and now Pat Summitt made it home.