UPDATE: The owner of a wedding ring lost and found in Harrison Bay by two fisherman has been found and returned.

Cody Buell, one of the two fisherman who found the ring, says the owner, Tim Guy, came forward on Facebook after seeing Channel 3's story today.

Buell returned the ring to Guy on Tuesday afternoon. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Good Samaritans who found a missing wedding band are now looking for its owner. On June 11th two Rhea County men were out fishing in Harrison Bay, when they were told a man lost his ring in the water. They dove in and found it. Now they are trying to find the man. They are taking to social media to reunite him with his ring.

Two men jumped into the water when they learned a man lost his wedding band after falling in. Now they are hoping the reunite the man with his ring.

Cody Buell and Nathan Worthington had just finished spending the afternoon out on the water. They were unloading their boat when they saw a man fall in. “A guy fell in the water, got completely wet, cell phone and everything and didn't realize he lost his wedding band,” said Nathan Worthington.

The man drove away leaving his wedding band at the bottom of Harrison Bay.  “He said he lost his wedding ring got in his car and drove off,” said Cody Buell.

Buell and Worthington dove in determined to find the ring. “We're both really comfortable in the water. We decided to get down and see if we could find the wedding ring.”

Fifteen minutes later they found it. “Pretty shallow water, probably 4, 5 feet. Just happened to be lucky not a lot of grass so it showed up easily,” said Worthington.

Now their problem is locating the owner. “Both of us are pretty determined people so we were going to find it, guaranteed it. If we would have heard him say he lost it before he took off we would have told him we would have gotten it to him,” said Buell.

Worthington can relate to cherishing something personal. He has been married for more than a decade and can't imagine losing his ring. “I don't think I have had my wedding band off more than 5 times in 13 years. I understand where he is coming from. We would really like to get it back to him.”

If you believe the band is yours or someone you know contact WRCB and we will connect you with Cody Buell.

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