CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - The team of Ron Willerson and Eric Cabrera caught a 5 bass limit weighing a whopping 32.52 pounds edging out a field of 108 anglers to win first place and $2,000.00 in the Moses Marine Watersports June night C.B.A. Bass Tournament. This tournament was held Saturday, June 25th out of Chester Frost Boat Ramp.

Ron said “We got 1 good fish before dark and then started fishing cover we had what we weighted in by 2:00 a.m. We caught a 10 pounder in practice and new then there were some big ones moving and feeding at night.

The team of Ron and Ray Bowman from Soddy Tn. had big bass of this event weighing a whopping 10.78 pounds. Chuck and Brad James from Soddy Tn. also had second big bass of the event a nice 10.47 large mouth.

Riley Southerland won the highest finishing youth team prize of $25 dollars.

Shane Frazier said “Special thanks to Moses Marine Watersports for their sponsorship of this event”.

There were 18 teams that weighted 20 pounds in this event.

All but 3 fish caught in this event were released back into Lake Chickamauga.

The top 15 prize winners are as follows:

  1. Ron Willerson and Eric Cabrera, 32.52lbs., $2000.00
  2. Dale Pelfrey and Seth Davis 30.13 lbs., $750.00
  3. Tony Townsend and Galen James 28.40 lbs., $650.00
  4. Ron and Ray Bowman, 27.11 lbs., $550.00
  5. Wes Harden and Carter Day, 25.18 lbs., $450.00
  6. Shawn and Andy Lusk, 24.14 lbs., $350.00
  7. Rocky and Riley Southerland, 23.48 lbs., $300.00
  8. Keith Ellis and Roger Kendrick, 23.20 lbs., $250.00
  9. Rogie Brown and Cary Dotson, 23.15 lbs., $200.00
  10. Wade Kilgore and Jim Pitts, 22.72lbs., $200.00
  11. Jim Kester and Jim Kester Jr., 22.65 lbs., $150.00
  12. Josh Wofford and Bruce Wofford, 22.38lbs, 75.00 gift card
  13. Thomas Helton and Nathan Bell, 22.29 50.00 gift card
  14. Brian Wilson and Tom Brindle , 25.00 gift card
  15. Steve Kite and Daniel Lewis, 21.81 $25.00 gift card

The next C.B.A. day tournament will be sponsored by G & S Collision Center and will be held July 9TH, 2016 out of Chester Frost Park.

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