UPDATE: The owner of Highway 58 Bar-B-Que, Mike Phillips, said he plans on rebuilding his business after a fire nearly destroyed it. Chattanooga firefighters said the fire has been ruled accidental.

"It's just been rough, but God has been good to us. He's going to see us through it. We'll get it open back up," Mike Phillips, the owner said.

Relying on faith, Phillips said he's positive he'll re-open soon. Chattanooga firefighters said the fire broke out on Friday in the open outside building where the cooker, smoker, and grease trap were located.   

It was engulfed in flames and there were plumes of smoke.

"I was coming to go pay some bills on top of the hill up here and I seen the smoke and I knew something was was burning. On top of the hill, I seen it was my place," Phillips said.

Phillips has owned the business for nearly three decades and never expected something like this to happen. Several eyewitnesses told Chattanooga firefighters they saw the fire initially come from the area around the grease trap.

From there, the fire spread to the rest of the shed.

Saturday was the first day Phillips saw the extent of the damage from the fire and it was quite emotional for him.

"I got on my knees. I just prayed to God and I got peace that he's going to take care of us," Phillips said.

Phillips' focus now is rebuilding a business that's close to his heart. He said most of the work that needs to be done is on the outside area.

Phillips believes it could have been a lot worse.

"That if it hadn't have been for that man with the water hose that the whole place would have burnt down. That's the only thing that saved us," Phillips said.

Employees told him a man grabbed a hose near his business and started trying to put the fire out before firefighters arrived.

Although no one was hurt, it'll take some time before Highway 58 Bar-B-Que is back open for business.

"The Good Lord put it here and he took care of us all these years. I guarantee you He's going to get us back in here and it'll be just as good as ever," Phillips said.

The owner told Channel 3 he is meeting with his insurance company on Monday. It's his hope to reopen in a few weeks and he plans on taking extra precautions once that happens.

Chattanooga firefighters were called to a fire at a business on Highway 58 Friday evening.

It happened at Highway 58 Bar-B-Que in the 4900 block near ACE Hardware shortly before 6:00 p.m.

Captain Teri Rose with Quint 6 says the fire started in the open outside building where the cooker, smoker and grease trap were located.

Fire department spokesman Bruce Garner says, "The power pole beside the structure had also caught on fire and the power line going to the business had burnt in two." 

Captain Rose says several eyewitnesses saw the fire initially coming from the area around the grease trap. He says from there the fire spread to the rest of the shed.  

Photos and videos from a viewer show the BBQ shop fully engulfed by flames.

Firefighters had the flames out within 15 minutes.

No one was injured.

Damages are estimated at $51,000.

Officials say the fire has been ruled accidental.

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