Uncle Sam wants you to do something unconventional, break into the Pentagon.

That's right, the U.S. Government asked hackers to try getting past security and hack their way into the government's websites and programs. To do something hackers in China and Russia are doing right now. It's part of a bounty program in which government and other businesses pay hackers to show them where security is flawed. 

You see while there are dangerous hackers out there, white hat hackers are trying to help companies find out where the bad guys can get it. Hacker One is a place on the web that puts hackers in touch with companies such as General Motors, Twitter, Yahoo and Snapchat. 

For instance, Uber paid one good guy hacker 5 ­thousand dollars to hack into the system and show how the bad guys could get access to email addresses. 

The program is intended to make the internet safer. 

The Pentagon held a hack and discovered there were 138 bugs in their programs that could have been compromised by evil hackers. These were all fixed by students, IT and security employees...one of the good guys was 14 years old. The Pentagon said if the government had hired professional hackers it would have cost over a million dollars. Doing it this way cost the Pentagon around 150 ­thousand dollars.  The average bug bounty is 538 dollars. 

The reason this is important is all of the hack attempts being sent from around the world as we speak. This real­time map from Norse shows the U.S. is under constant attack. Bugs the white hat guys fix, keep bad hackers out. 

Does it sort of remind you of the 1983 movie "War Games"? It does me, but this is perfectly legal. The rules are, don't break the law, don't do any harm and don't compromise safety or privacy. as long as you play by those rules at hacker.com, you won't get arrested. you'll be a hero.