A Sequatchie County man has been arrested and charged with the making and passing of counterfeit bills.

The Sequatchie County Sheriff's Department arrested Darick A. Grinder Thursday after he was identified in video footage passing the counterfeit money. 

Detectives found additional counterfeit money, along with additional equipment at his home on Fredonia Mountain.

According to the deputies, Grinder was printing and passing $20 bills and possibly even $100 bills. Three bills were passed at fast food locations in Dunlap, and one bill was passed at a store on Cagle Mountain.

The print on the bills is blurry and the paper does not have the same texture as a genuine bill. Residents are urged to carefully examine their bills when handling currency to avoid becoming a victim.

It is possible that there is still counterfeit money in circulation.

The investigation is still underway and may lead to additional arrests.