By Ree Hines, TODAY

(NBC News) - Kids and garden hoses have a special relationship in the summer. As the temperatures rise, the hose is there to keep things cool and to keep thirty tykes satisfied with a quick gulp — and sometimes, an even quicker lesson about the power of water pressure.

For instance, just see what happens when this little girl decides it's time for a drink.

Sure, it seems like a good idea at first. She watches all of that refreshing water fill up a watering can, so why not just point the nozzle right at her face for a taste?

"That's not gonna be a good idea," someone behind the camera warns her. "I'm just telling you, not gonna be a good idea."

The woman can't hold back the giggles as she adds, "I should stop you!"

But she doesn't.

We have a feeling she won't make that mistake again.

Actually, it's been three years since she first made that adorable mistake, but the clip is making the rounds again and making us laugh.