Controversy is brewing over dog in Cleveland, TN 

The dog was reportedly left out in the heat, causing a lot of concern for the animal. Some people tried to have the dog removed from the property, but the owner didn't have to give the pup up, despite the pressure. 

The "Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue" group out of Knoxville are here fighting with the homeowner in Cleveland. They asked her to surrender her dog on Tuesday, she asked them to leave.
The rescuers came after seeing a picture of the dog on social media. The picture showed the animal locked up in a wire crate outside in direct sunlight. Some people drove by, even offering to buy the dog but the owner refused to sell.  

"You could not see any food water, there was no cover on top of of the kennel to give it any kind of protection from the sun and with the picture I saw it shows it was 95 degrees outside," said resident Claudia Anderson. 

Sheriff's deputies said they found the dog with adequate food water and shelter on at least 4 visits to the home. The Sheriff's office will investigate calls or complaints of animal abuse, but they can not remove an animal if there are no violations. 

"In order for us to do anything there has to be a violation of the law," said James Bradford, Director of Public Relations for Bradley County Sheriff's Dept. 

Still the rescue group is not backing down. They say they will continue to fight for the pit bull's freedom, even if it means getting a judge involved with a criminal summons. 

"She is out there baking every single day, we have volunteers in the area that watch this dog and she is out all hours of the day," said Carla Welch, Fighting for the Bullys Rescue. 

Welch tells Channel 3 a wire crate sitting out in the sun is not safe for any animal to stay in. Residents are asking County leaders to take action. 

"Sheriff Watson if there is anything you can advise our city or county to do to make sure things like this can be taken care of please step forward and do it," said Anderson. 

Channel 3 tried to speak with the dog's owner but she had no comment. We'll continue following this story and bring you any updates as they become available.