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Thousands in fake bills may be circulating in Bledsoe County after home break-in

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A home break-in in Bledsoe County comes with a warning to area businesses. 

It happened last week at a home along Watson Loop in Pikeville when thieves got away with thousands of dollars worth of sound equipment. 

Tommy Evans was storing the equipment inside the vacant home that's been in his family for years. 

"[The equipment was] very heavy. It's something people would have to have trucks, vans, trailers, you know, whatever, to be able to put this stuff in there and actually have multiple people," Evans said. 

They also got away with $100,000 in cash. But, it's worthless. 

"It was designed to be used on film, so it had to look as real as possible," he added. 

Evans used the fake bills as a prop in music videos and now worries the thieves will try to spend it locally. 

"It's in the market amongst the community of trading on social networking sites, yard sales, things of that nature, that these things could be slipped in," he said. 

The Bledsoe County Sheriff's Office is letting local businesses know and so far, so good. The funny money is not on the street. 

"It's more of an anxiety of is there something else that's important to me that's gone that I don't know about?" he said. 

Leaving Evans to clean up the physical and emotional mess these thieves left behind. 

If you have any information about this case, call the Bledsoe County Sheriff's Office.

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