A six-month long, county-wide drug investigation in Marion County resulted in charges against 33 people.

Officers arrested 33 people in connection with distributing controlled substances including: methamphetamine, crack cocaine, heroin, oxycodone, opana, morphine, and hydrocodone on June 16.

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The arrests were part of undercover operations across Marion County by the Marion County Sheriff’s Department Narcotics Unit over the past six months.

"They're low-level dealers but still, they're in the community and I want them out of the community," said Marion County Sheriff Bo Burnett.

Sheriff Bo Burnett said prescription drug abuse is on the rise in his community and he wants it to stop. That's why his deputies have spent the past several months going undercover, buying illegal drugs and documenting the cases.

"It's bad here, it's bad everywhere," Sheriff Burnett said, "And what people don't realize a lot of people OD from these pills."

Seven of the suspects are also charged with TennCare fraud. The TN Office of Inspector General said some of the drugs the suspects were caught selling to Marion County Deputies were obtained through TennCare benefits.

Those charged with TennCare fraud are Thomas Holtcamp, Edward Dodson, Tracee Burnette, Tara Lemons, Jerry Brazier, Laura Brazier and Debra Smartt.

"And the way I look at that, that's my money, your money, everybody else's money," Sheriff Burnett said.

TennCare fraud is a Class E felony carrying a sentence of up to two years in prison. District Attorney General J. Michael Taylor is prosecuting.

Assisting in the arrests were the Marion County Special Response Team, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, State of Tennessee Office of the Inspector General, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, the Kimball Police Department, the South Pittsburg Police Department, and the Jasper Police Department.

Those arrested have been charged with Sale and Delivery of a Controlled Substance.

  • Chris Dodson, Powells Crossroads
  • Rita Wilbourn, Whitwell
  • Deb Smartt, Whitwell
  • Laura Braziel, Jasper
  • Jerry Braziel, Jasper
  • Bobby Fay Green, Whitwell
  • Kim Scott, Whitwell
  • Tracee Burnette, Jasper
  • Jennifer Warick, Kimball
  • Bonnie Rector, Kimball
  • John Melton, Whitwell
  • Thomas Holtcamp, Whitwell
  • Phillip Collins, Sequatchie
  • Terry Shell, Whitwell
  • Terra Lemons, Whitwell
  • Angela Dodson, Whitwell
  • Wilson, Whitwell
  • Stacy Sims, Whitwell
  • Dale Foster, Powells Crossroads
  • Donald Turner, Whitwell
  • Deborah Alder, Jasper
  • Buddy Poe, Jasper
  • Jimmy Layne, Whitwell
  • Larry Coffelt, Sequatchie
  • Lonnie Alder, Jasper
  • Rachael Russell, Whitwell
  • April Perry, Jasper
  • Bonnie Broderick, Whitwell
  • Mattie Pittman, Whitwell
  • Charles Bunch Jr., South Pittsburg
  • David Zack Black, South Pittsburg
  • Eddie Dodson, Whitwell
  • Geno Pickett, South Pittsburg