A man's body was discovered in Marion County on Sunday. EMA Director, Steve Lamb, told Channel 3 that 35-year-old Chris Ables was found near Coppinger Cove Road in the community of Sequatchie. 

Family members began looking for him when he didn't return home on Saturday. 

"We was setting here fixing to eat a Father's Day dinner and we heard sirens and they came whirling by. A couple more come in here," Larry Fulfer, a neighbor said.

Fulfer told Channel 3 he saw several Marion County first responders along Coppinger Cove Road in Sequatchie on Sunday. He said he wasn't sure what was happening.

Fulfer would later find out a man's body was found not too far away from his home, which is an area that's popular for off roading.

"You get off road, there ain't no telling what's going to happen. It's rocky and stuff. You take the chances. I hate to hear that about an individual losing his life," Fulfer said.

Marion County EMA Director, Steve Lamb, said Ables never returned home on Saturday. That's when family members became worried and started searching for him.

After finding his Jeep Cherokee and not him, that's when they called 9-1-1. He was found about a mile away from his Jeep and near a bridge.

"Very tragic accident especially on Father's Day. Apparently he was walking out and just fell in the dark," Lamb said.

First responders are calling the incident a tragic accident. They said Ables' Jeep got stuck and he apparently walked off when he suddenly fell off a bridge sometime on Saturday night.

It was a tough day for family members especially on Father's Day.

"He had a father. In fact, his father was here at the scene. We're here to help people to try to bring closure to any situation. Of course, we'd like it to be a better result," Lamb said.

It's unclear why Ables was in the area. Neighbors said it's concerning hearing about the situation.

"Just have to be careful. I don't know what had happened, but you just gotta be careful out there," Fulfer said.

No foul play is suspected. Ables' body will be sent off for an autopsy to determine the official cause of death.