For four years, the Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball has brought the bare-handed game to life. And for only having been in the league the last two years, Chattanooga's clubs have come a long way.

 The Mountain City Club of Chattanooga and the Lightfoot Club of Chattanooga were the only two teams that remained undefeated so far this season. That was, until they faced off Saturday at the 6th Cavalry Museum in Fort Oglethorpe. 

The two teams battled back and forth in the heat without any gloves and a much heavier set of uniforms. Players were only allowed to drink water form tin cans or mason jars. Lightfoot Club went on to win 17-15, but at the end of the day, it was all about cherishing the sport they all love. 

"We are gentlemen that have a true love for the game of baseball" says Andrew, The Mighty Bandit, Bewley of Mountain City Club. "The chance for us to continue to play the game in a style that was back in our grandfather's, grandfather's day is such a unique experience. Our team has really bonded and it's more than a game, it's a great social time as well."