Elizabeth Clark is 25 years old and battling stage III brain cancer. 

The mother of two was diagnosed one day after Christmas. She says her medical bills prevent her from affording dental care.

“It's either you pay for chemo treatments and lose teeth, because you can't afford both or you take care of your teeth and you can't afford treatment,” says Clark.

Clark says the chemo she takes eats away her teeth.

Clark finds herself at smiles of Chattanooga free dental clinic each year. Friday, she had her teeth filled. 

“It causes damage to all of my teeth, and eventually they are going to just keep breaking away," Clark says. "It’s hot outside; it's miserable; but, I would do it all over again, and I would stand out here all day."

Clark says if it wasn't for this clinic she wouldn't know what to do. 

“It’s not great when you can't afford both. People shouldn't have to be doing this but I thank God they do,” says Clark. 

Clark says all she wants to do is smile again as she continues to fight a horrible disease.

“It’s very important, especially in a job environment, just being happy overall health. It’s just important being able to smile,” says Clark. 

Dr. Robert Gallien says he's glad the free clinic gives people like Clark their smile back. 

“Patients are so gracious for what we do for them, and they are in pain, we are able to help not let that lead to a bigger problem,” says Dr. Robert Gallien.