By Randee Dawn, TODAY

(NBC News) - Charlie Puth may be best known to audiences as the wunderkind who wrote and performed (with Wiz Khalifa) the No. 1 hit "See You Again," which was penned as a tribute to the late Paul Walker, who died during a break in filming "Furious 7."

But on Friday, during a visit to the TODAY plaza, Puth put a new twist on the tribute tune, dedicating it to the 49 victims of Sunday's Orlando shooting.

As Puth told TODAY's Willie Geist before singing the song, "Your body dies, but your soul lives on. Everyone's soul who was lost that day goes in through everybody else."

Puth made a stop in Chattanooga after the July 16 attack and performed a private concert for the first responders.

No wonder the New Jersey native has such an eager, dedicated audience. It's only taken a few years for him to achieve major success, as the 24-year-old has gone from having a popular YouTube channel to multi-platinum mainstream music success, three Grammy nominations and of course that No. 1 hit with "See You Again."

And if you need an example of just how dedicated Puth's fans are, consider the ones who showed up as early as Thursday night to wait for his arrival. He retweeted their photo with words of admiration:

TODAY made sure everyone had his set list (though "See You Again" was something of a surprise additional tune):

Puth hit big early on with songs like "Marvin Gaye" (in which he sang with Meghan Trainor) and of course "See You Again." His just-certified-gold debut album, "Nine Track Mind," was released in January and he's set to go on tour in September (tickets have just gone on sale).