Some people never know what they would do in a life or death situation: run and panic or take action. Chris Smith credits his friend and co-worker, Lebron Kaylor, with saving his life.

The two work for the City of Chattanooga's IT Department.

"I have since thought about all of the 'what could've been' if Lebron hadn't been there," Smith said. "He truly saved my life."

The colleagues had a close call recently, while moving some heavy glass top furniture out of the office and into a warehouse.

"I could just watch it breaking across and coming down on my arm," Smith described.

"It kind of came down like a guillotine on his arm as he was trying to pull it off," Kaylor added.

The glass sliced Smith's arm open, down to the bone, severing several tendons and nicking an artery.

He was losing blood fast. 

"I looked around and the only thing I could think of was my shirt," Kaylor said. "So I just pulled my shirt off and wrapped it around his arm the best that I could."

Still shirtless, Kaylor drove Smith to the ER, and stayed with him until he went into emergency surgery. Doctors say, his quick actions saved his co-worker's life.

"I've been in (military) combat training with soldiers in my career, and he reacted just like any of those guys would've," Smith said.

The Chattanooga Fire Department presented Kaylor with a special life-saving award.

"Most people have a fight or flight syndrome. Thank goodness he took action and saved this life," said CFD Chief Chris Adams. "Because Chris is the one that keeps my Apple iPhone working, so we've got to keep him around," he laughed.

Smith had to get 26 stitches, and lost some of the movement in his hand. But with a little help from physical therapy, doctors expect he'll make a full recovery.

It's all thanks to a good friend.

"Any kind of recognition that Lebron gets from this, he truly deserves it," Smith said. "Because he is truly a hero, in my book."