Robert McDaniel is the manager at Fresh Market on Gunbarrel Road. 

McDaniel says customers will soon be able to buy wine with their groceries, when the new law goes into effect July 1st. 

McDaniel and his store is enthusiastic about the passing of the law. 

“This will give us the opportunity to offer that as another item for our customers, just like if you walked into a store and couldn't buy beef. It wouldn't be what you would want for a hamburger cookout, same thing with wine,” said McDaniel. 

Wine selections will soon populate the shelves in many grocery stores throughout Tennessee. 

McDaniel claims there will be some brands you can only find at his store. 

McDaniel addressed his business, saying, “We'll start with the high end wines and we will be going down to table wines. Will have New Zealand wine and other wines that are not normally available in the United States.”

Before wine hits the shelves every cashiers has to take a two-hour online class on alcohol sales.

It’s a statewide mandate. 

McDaniel says, “It entails a quite a few things on how to tell if someone is drunk, if they are underage. What is required for someone to buy alcohol,”

He requires his employees have completed the courses and are prepared to sell wine on July 1st.

McDaniel stated the new law is a win-win for his business. 

“I believe it will bring more money in, and it will be convenient for our customers,” says McDaniel.

McDaniel’s store is one of 17 grocery stores in Chattanooga to recently receive a wine license ahead of the change.

Liquor stores are also gearing up for the competition, boasting a wider selection and better prices as a way to tackle the expected drop in sales.