It's been almost three years since a flood ruined parts of South Pittsburg. On Wednesday, a road damaged in that flood finally re-opened after years of needing repairs.

In July 2013, the city was hit with record flash-flooding; one of the worst floods in city history.

"We had a tsunami-type downpour down the mountain," recalled Mayor Jane Dawkins.

Many homes and businesses were damaged. Underlying infrastructure had to be replaced.

The downtown areas were fixed first, but it's taken nearly three years to fix the damage on Raulston Town Road. The road washed out when 4 in. of rainfall came rushing down the mountain.

"The water got under the road. It got washed out and produced what looked like a cave," Dawkins explained.

The city had to secure $300,000 to repair the road. Nearby residents were forced to take an alternate route on the other side of the mountain.

Although most of South Pittsburg has been rebuilt, its flooding problems have continued.

The most recent flood happened on Christmas Day. One woman died after being swept away in rushing water.

The city's Flood Water Mitigation Task Force is currently working with engineers to come up with a plan to replace outworn groundwork.

"(Flooding) has been discouraging because the infrastructure continues to be damaged," said Dawkins.

City leaders hope to see more projects like the one on Raulston Town Rd. in the future.

"Getting this road fixed and opened, it marks a real plus on reestablishing a good infrastructure," Dawkins said.

The three-year anniversary of the historic flooding will be on July 10.