This week's Crime Stoppers is a theft turned credit card fraud.

Police say a man took $5000 worth of items, including a wallet,  from a vehicle on Lookout Mountain. The man then reportedly used the credit card that was found inside. 

Police say the culprit is then seen at a store on Lookout Mountain spending money that wasn't his, but with a little digging, the victim was able to track her card and help police figure out where it was last swiped. 

"Our victim in this was able to tell when and where her cred card was used last and went to that location. Obtain video from that store..somebody can recognize him and hopefully give me a call," said Chattanooga Police officer, Mark Frazer. 

Officers say be sure to lock your car doors and trunks and keep any valuables out of reach.

if you have any information regarding this case- or any of the crimes you see on crime stoppers - please call the crime stoppers hotline at 423-698-3333