Several neighbors in the Brier Branch community of of Lewis Chapel Road in Graysville, say a bear is roaming around the neighborhood. One couple even watched it hanging out on their front porch for nearly an hour. 
"We have a lot of deer, a lot of turkey, some cool birds and maybe a coyote but that's the first time we've seen an actual bear," said neighbor Connie Faircloth.  

Neighbors say the bear came just foot steps away from a cabin's front door, Saturday. The bear didn't seem to mind the couple taking close-up photos inside. He only ran off when he saw another neighbor, walking his dog. 

"Our neighbors sent out an email to us and the bear was just out on their front porch eating out of their bird feeder," said Faircloth. " I thought it was really cool." 
Faircloth shared the pictures online and they got quite the response.

"It's had over 1,000 shares and who knows what it's up to now," said Faircloth. " I never expected that kind of response."

TWRA officials say young black bears like this one are now heading out on their own to look for territory and taking close-up pictures could put you or the bear in danger.  

"Yea that's the worst thing they could have done," said Wildlife Information Specialist Mime Barnes, TWRA. "Standing close to a black bear and taking photos, teaches animals that we're safe and in the contrary we want them to see a human and move in the opposite direction. "

Official say if a baby cub is passing through chances are high, it's mother is not far behind. 

"Yes so we don't want that, they need to stay in the woods and live their life and not be in the residential areas," said Faircloth. 

If you see a bear, TWRA officials say you should look large, make noise or bang pots and pans to scare it away. They say you should never run from any wildlife. You should also clear your yard of any attractions like grills with greasy meat, bird and humming bird feeders and an unsecured trashcan will attract bears and other animals as well as fruit from falling trees. 

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