UPDATE: An Investigator at the Coffee County Sheriff's Department said they seized about $100,000 worth of drugs from the two Chattanooga men.

Investigator James Sherrill said Brian Anthony Wiley and Trevor Franklin Watson III used coke and iced tea cans with hidden compartments in them to smuggle the drugs inside.

"They were unsealing popcorn bags, stuffing the narcotics down the popcorn bags and resealing them with super glue. It's just crazy ways of getting stuff in," Sherrill said.

The Coffee County Sheriff's Department has a team dedicated to tracking and seizing drugs from Bonnaroo campgrounds.

Inv. Sherrill said he usually catches people dealing in plain sight.

"I heard Trevor Watson going through the campsites and I was sitting there watching him go to tent to tent and he was asking people if they wanted to buy acid," he said.

Inv. Sherrill said he saw Trevor Watson, 24, offering a variety of drugs to people and that's when he stopped him.

"And he said you're going to ruin my life, if you don't care I'll tell you where the big guy's at, y'all can go get him," he said.

That's when Inv. Sherrill found Brian Wiley, 29.

Police believe Wiley is the leader of the well-organized drug operation.

"This guy he was sitting back in his campsite and letting his runners do all of his running, he was guarding the narcotics, guarding the money," Sherrill said.

On Thursday, Brian Wiley's case was bound over to the grand jury today. Both men are still being held at the Coffee County jail on a $50,000 bond.

"I know that the US Attorney is looking into prosecuting this case and if they pick it up, he could be looking at 10-20 years in Federal Prison," Sherrill said.

PREVIOUS STORY: Two Chattanooga men were arrested for what police call "a very large amount of drugs" at Bonnaroo.

Brian Anthony Wiley and Trevor Franklin Watson III, both of Chattanooga, were arrested Thursday.

Police received information that Wiley and Watson were allegedly selling drugs at the festival.

Coffee County Sheriff's Office deputies found Wiley to be in possession of: 

  • Approximately 202 jars of THC oil
  • Two bags of mushrooms
  • Three bags with approximately 60 panes of blotter acid (LSD)
  • 530 bags of MDMA approx. 265 grams
  • 22 bags of a white powdery substance weighing approximately 144.5 grams (believed to be cocaine)
  • Six Xanax bars
  • 220 bags of marijuana
  • Cash

Wiley, 29 also allegedly had a ledger and numerous drink cans with false containers and was charged with manufacturing/delivering/selling/possession of controlled substance and unlawful drug paraphernalia uses and activities. Wiley’s bond was set at $255,000 and he is due in Coffee County General Sessions Court on Aug. 12.

Watson, 24, was found with:

  • Six bottles of THC oil
  • 10 bags of a green plant-like material weighing approximately 20 grams (believed to be marijuana)
  • Two grams of a white powdery substance (believed to be cocaine)
  • Four molly capsules
  • 14 bags of a crystal substance weighing approximately 14 grams (believed to be molly)
  • 13 bags of a powdery substance weighing approximately 13 grams (believed to be ketamine)

Watson’s bond was set at $50,000 and he is also set to appear in Coffee County General Sessions Court on Aug. 12.