Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is heading back to the heart of Atlanta for a rally.

The businessman turned presidential candidate will host a campaign rally in Midtown Wednesday at the Fox Theatre, according to his website. The event is scheduled to start at noon.

Trump is scheduled to arrive to the metro area Tuesday night and head to Cobb County, before heading to Atlanta before the event.

On Tuesday, the Atlanta Police Department held a news conference ahead of the rally to address security concerns.

"We're anticipating a large crowd," said Sgt. Warren Pickard with the Atlanta Police Department. "We have no indication that we will have any problems, but like any metro area or big city, we will be prepared."

Because the Fox Theater sits on the street and crowd control is a big goal for law enforcement, Pickard said officials are planning to barricade an area around the Fox Theater, and only people with with tickets will be allowed inside the barricaded area. 

Atlanta Police said it is aiming to start setting up the barricade starting around 9 a.m., but said it is prepared to start earlier if necessary. It will block off Peachtree Street beginning at Ponce de Leon Avenue and run north to 3rd Street. Because of this, Pickard recommended people who work in that area should be prepared. The barricades will be removed shortly after the event ends.

Pickard said multiple agencies will be helping out with security for the event, including special police teams, Georgia State University officers, Georgia Tech Police and federal partners. 

In wake of the Orlando nightclub shooting, Pickard said special units who are prepared to respond in those types of active-shooter incidents will be on hand, but every officer is well-prepared. 

"Every officer in the APD is trained to respond to an active shooter no matter what his rank or stature is in the department," Pickard said.

While the theme of Wednesday's rally has not been revealed, Trump will most likely address the mass shooting in Orlando and its links to ISIS. 

Trump has been vocal about the Orlando shooting on Twitter, but has also drawn the ire of several prominent leaders, including Civil Rights leader Congressman John Lewis (D-GA). 

Registration is required for anyone trying to attend the rally. Anyone interested can visit Trump's campaign website.