UPDATE: Police arrested Dominique Dyshawn Tucker, 24, who was a suspect for active felony warrants and a noted person of interest by other law enforcement agencies, according to Hamilton County Sheriff's Office.

A HCSO deputy spotted Tucker driving on SR-153 Wednesday morning. The deputy tried to pull Tucker’s vehicle over and a police chase ensued.

Eyewitnesses said the suspect's car was weaving in an out of traffic at high speeds trying to get away from deputies.

The deputy and other law enforcement officers chased Tucker’s vehicle down SR-153 and went into the Northgate Mall parking lot.

Deputies stopped Tucker's vehicle by having a deputy intentionally crash his patrol car into Tucker's.

"We used the vehicle just to try and stop him to keep him from posing a greater risk of danger to anybody else in the community here in the parking lot or out on the streets," said Lt. Shaun Shephard, HCSO.

Tucker jumped out of the vehicle and fled on foot. 

Police followed on foot. Tucker was eventually hit with a stun gun and arrested behind one of the buildings.
Tucker also had a young girl in the vehicle with him that was transported to a local hospital via HCEMS for medical review.

Court records show Tucker plead guilty to a child neglect charge in January. Police said he left his then-3-year old daughter at daycare and refused to pick her up.

Tucker was taken to the Hamilton County Jail and will also be booked on new charges stemming from today’s chase.

PREVIOUS STORY: The chase traveled from SR-153 north to Hixson Pike and ended at Northgate Mall. Several parked cars were struck during the chase in the parking lot. A Hamilton County Sheriff's Office patrol car was also damaged.

The vehicle was later loaded into a flatbed trailer to be processed by law enforcement.