Plans to build a grocery store and gas station at the foot of Signal Mountain are off the table.

The company, Kentucky-based Jr. Food Stores, decided to stop its plans to build a Crossroads IGA neighborhood market after receiving so much opposition from the surrounding neighborhood.

"I can't think of a worse spot for a gas station to be in," said Lee Walker, who works in the office building across the street from the proposed site.

He said the location is near a dangerous intersection.

"It's extremely busy. I mean, you can't pull out. You have to wait for the traffic light signals to change all the way down for a gap to appear," he explained.

There are 5 gas stations and convenience stores in the mile leading up to the foot of the mountain.

Once the zoning signs went up, residents started speaking out.

"A group of us got together and voiced our concerns," said Amanda Brown, one of 700 people who signed a petition opposing the development.

Several of them addressed Chattanooga City Council members on Tuesday night, asking them to put a stop to the plans.

"Putting a convenience store and gas station here makes absolutely no sense, and would be absolutely irresponsible of the City of Chattanooga," said Signal Mountain resident Wendi Morgan.
"I agree with the neighbors," said councilman Chip Henderson, District 1. "I think having this grocery store at this location would be a bad idea."

The company decided to withdraw its application, abandoning the plans to build.

It's a win for neighbors, who encourage others to speak up to city leaders.

"We have people in our local government that will listen to you, and they care," said Brown. "I really believe that they care about our city and want the best for us."

The Chattanooga Planning Commission did not support the idea of building a large store in that location due to traffic safety concerns.