McCallie graduate and surgeon, Dr. Will Havron works at the Orlando Regional Medical Center and is one of the surgeons helping to save the lives of the surviving Orlando shooting victims.

On Monday, the surgeons sat down with media to describe what their experience has been like so far, the six surgeons treated 44 gunshot patients at once. 

Dr. Will Havron was born and raised, and medically trained, in Chattanooga and is now one of the six trauma surgeons treating the shooting victims at the Orlando Regional Medical Center.
"When 44 people show up shot and are sick, bleeding to death, they're all close calls," Havron said.

Dr. Will Havron said minutes after hearing about a shooting blocks away from the hospital, shooting victims started showing up not by ambulance, but by truck loads to the trauma center.
Dr. Havron's former teacher at the McCallie School said he knows the victims are now in good hands.

"I can't think of anyone who I think is more suited and better to respond at a time like that," said McCallie Asst. Headmaster Kenny Sholl.

Dr. Havron graduated from  Mccallie in 1995.
Sholl said he was a memorable student because he was always composed and level-headed.

"I just see him down there, again, just being so steady and just focusing on the moment and taking it one step at a time," Sholl said, "Not thinking ahead, that's the way he was here as a student."

Dr. Havron even received his surgical training in Chattanooga, at the UT College of Medicine Chattanooga for his surgery residency and trauma critical care training.
Trauma training that The Department of Surgery Chairman, Dr. Phillip burns, believes has saved many lives.

"As surgeons, we have to try and put that behind us as much as we can, but you never can completely do this. These are our fellow human beings and something on the scale of what they've experienced is really difficult to imagine for most of us."

Dr. Havron said in the press conference when he does go home and let it sink in, he's lucky to have his family by his side.

"When it does finally sink in, I went home and just grabbed my wife and kids and was unbelievably grateful that I had family to go home to," he said.

Dr. Havron's son, Sam, is now attending McCallie and will be in 9th grade this year.

Sam is now in Orlando with his father.
Doctor's at the Orlando Regional Medical Center said six shooting victims still remain critically ill.

Orlando Regional Medical Center practiced an active shooter drill, just three months ago.