Dan Barks was getting ready to land at Collegedale Airport Saturday afternoon when he was told to divert to Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport.

“When you hear something like that in this business you know it's because of a crash. your first thought is I hope no one was injured, your second thought is I hope no one was killed,” said Barks, Aviation Attorney.

Airport officials say shortly before 1 PM this single engine airplane carrying four people attempted to land when it crashed.

Two people died at the airport. The other two were flown to Erlanger.

“We were able to land in Chattanooga and we were given a car to come back here and tidy some things up and pick up some gear, and that's when we saw what had happened,” said Barks.

Barks who works as an aviation attorney says unfortunately he's investigated hundreds of plane crashes throughout his career.

“Immediately you are thinking of the families who are waiting for loved one's to come home and may not see them come home. That’s unfortunate the price of these crashes,” said Barks.

Barks says whenever there is a plane crash the FAA steps in to investigate. He says they will take statements, pictures, and pick up the wreckage.

“So the FAA is going to come, they are going to look at how it impacted, they are going to look at what the propeller blades looked like,” said barks.

Barks says looking at the debris he can only speculate about what happened.

“It looked like it was a very flat impact, meaning not an impact where one might think of an airplane where it crashes nose down. This appeared to be very flat,” said Barks.

According to the FAA registry, the plane was registered to a pilot out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Officials have not confirmed the names of the four people who were on board when the plane crashed, but Barks says he will be keeping them in his thoughts.

“I cannot imagine. This is all I’ve done, dealing with families who lost everything and they lose it in an instant,” said Barks.

The NTSB will be at the Collegedale Airport Sunday doing their investigation.