CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - The team of Bradley Collum and Verta Collum caught a 5 bass limit weighing a whopping 29.04 pounds edging out a field of 128 anglers to win first place and $2,000.00 in the Hunter Oil June C.B.A. Bass Tournament. This tournament was held Saturday, June 15th out of Chester Frost Boat Ramp.

Bradley said “We got 2 big fish on top water baits early and went 4 hours before we caught the rest of our fish using a straight Texas rigged worm. We didn’t even get to pre fish this was a big surprise.

Rogie Brown had big bass of this event weighing a whopping 10.26 pounds and Bradley Collum had 2nd big bass weighing in at 8.70 pounds.

Daniel Kennedy won the highest finishing youth team prize of $25 dollars.

Shane Frazier said “Special thanks to Hunter Oil and Justin Medley for their sponsorship of this event”.

All but 5 fish caught in this event were released back into Lake Chickamauga.

The top 13 money winners are as follows:

  1. Bradley Collum and Verta Collum, 29.04lbs., $2000.00
  2. Rogne Brown and Carey Dotson 28.18 lbs., $800.00
  3. Shane Frazier and Dallas Lenard, 26.82 lbs., $700.00
  4. Chuck James and Brad James, 25.03 lbs., $650.00
  5. Jonathan Rayburn and Levi Worley, 24.93 lbs., $550.00
  6. Seth Davis and Brent Butler, 23.58 lbs., $450.00
  7. Nick Pratt and Chris Coffey, 22.78 lbs., $350.00
  8. Jim Cofer and Matt Wendroff, 21.43 lbs., $300.00
  9. Haden Lamb and Trevor Porter, 21.42 lbs., $250.00
  10. Brent Barnes and Garret Barnes, 21.27lbs., $250.00
  11. Brent Hayes and Dave Hix, 20.11 lbs., $150.00
  12. Damon Taylor and Justin Medley, 19.72lbs, $150.00
  13. Barron Adams and Trevor Prince, 19.69lbs, $150.00

The next C.B.A. NIGHT tournament will be sponsored by Moses Watersports and will be held June 25TH, 2016 out of Chester Frost Park. Sign up will begin 6:30 P.M. and the tournament hours are 8 P.M. TO 8 A.M.

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