A Lafayette teacher is in the fight of her life. The 38 year old was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer, but students at her school are now supporting the woman who has been their rock from day one.

On January 22nd, Amanda Lanier was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. Two weeks later she left teaching at Lafayette High School to focus on her recovery. Now she says the students she left behind are her best medicine.

Simple words come with a powerful message for 38 year old Amanda Lanier.
Makes you feel so powerful, it gives you the energy to keep fighting.  The school's cheerleaders took advantage of summer break to write and rehearse a new cheer. It was simple salute to the English teacher as she battles cancer. I go outside and cars are lined down the street. The cheerleaders are piling into my yard; they performed a cheer they wrote for me.

Lanier says the pain is a little easier to bear, knowing her students are cheering her on. To give their love and support, and give me encouragement.

Susan Butts, a junior on the cheer squad, said Ms. Lanier does a lot for them. It was their turn to give back. We practiced the cheer. We learned it in one day and we put all our heart into it, said Butts.

She says Laniers strength while fighting colon cancer is motivating many at Lafayette High School. 
I know how hard it is on the family. It made me happy to connect with Ms. Lanier. Try to encourage her to keep going.

The outpouring of support is the encouragement this teacher needs as her students become her biggest cheerleaders. It's like drinking super hero juice. When you feel the love of your community and they show you how much you mean to them. That they're thinking about you even if you don't realize it, said Lanier.

Ms. Lanier says she plans to be back in the classroom this fall