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CARTA joins National "Dump the Pump Day" Thursday

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CARTA will join with other public transit systems across the country and participate in the 11th annual National Dump the Pump Day Thursday, June 16th.  

The slogan of this year’s event is: “Dump the Pump.  Ride Public Transit.”

Veronica Peebles, CARTA’s Manager of Communications, said that on Thursday the 16th, CARTA will encourage riders to try public transit by offering free one-way bus rides.  “CARTA is delighted to extend this offer, particularly to those who have considered using public transportation.  We hope this incentive will be the ‘nudge’ that some people need to dump the pump and ride public transit and for those who are already using our service, we thank you”, said Ms. Peebles.

Sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), the National Dump the Pump Day encourages people to ride public transportation instead of driving a car.  Started in June 2006, this national day emphasizes that public transportation is a great travel option that also helps people save money, and is a cornerstone of local economies that helps communities to grow.

According to APTA’s Transit Savings Report, individuals in a two-person household can save, on the average, of more than $9,312 annually by downsizing to one car.  “And they can save even more if they let CARTA do the driving”, Peebles said.

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